Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 2948: Soul-Crossing

Chapter 2948: Soul-Crossing

“A man must have ambition, live a proud life and die proudly, you’ve slacked off on your cultivation for a hundred years for the sake of a girl. You should’ve long entered the inner palace, you even forcefully suppressed your chance to enter the Hierarch Realm. Do you know that it’s a dream for countless people? Yet you do not treasure it, for the sake of a girl that does not even love you, is it worth it? I have seen your growth, there’s no competition left for you in the outer palace, you could’ve entered the inner Profound Connection Divine Palace and probably stepped straight towards the Hierarch Realm without difficulty. You’ll become an instructor of the palace after a few thousand years, your talent is rare yet you choose to let go of it. Haih, this truly pains my heart.”

Elder Dan Chen was expecting alot from Yu Chenglong. However, Yu Chenglong had fallen head over heels to this fox, he had lost his initial ambition, it was a taboo for cultivators. Elder Dan Chen liked him but this fella was too stubborn.

“I plead with Elder Dan to help Chenglong.” Yu Chenglong gritted his teeth, feeling uneasy.

How could he not understand Elder Dan Chen’s words? But for the sake of his beloved, he thought that everything was worth it.

“I’ve got nothing much to say if you’re this persistent. You should know it yourself too, it’s not impossible to save her, but it requires at least a Divine Emperor to do so, lest the Profound Connection Divine Palace, even the whole Northern Cold Divine Region, how many Divine Emperors do you think there are? Would any of them help you? Those experts are not people that we could mess with. Although our Palace Lord is a Divine Emperor, you can’t even see him, only the Second and Third Palace Lords are Half-Step Divine Emperors, but they will surely get injured if they help you. Unless you’re someone close to him, not even the greatest gift could move them. Not even I could move any of them.” Elder Dan Chen said.

Those words were terrible news for Yu Chenglong. Divine Emperor Realm! A powerful existence in the Divine World. He can only look up to those figures. There were only a few of them that came from the Profound Connection Divine Palace that had reached that stage. As for the palace lords… Yu Chenglong could only bitterly laugh, he’s but an outer-disciple, how could he even compare against them?

“Is there no hope left?” Yu Chenglong’s expression became pale and dejected.

Elder Dan Chen saw the lifeless Yu Chenglong’s expression and felt anger brewing within his heart. But who could really blame one who had succumbed to love.

“It’s not like it’s completely without a single hope.”

“What is it?” Yu Chenglong’s eyes shone brightly as a glimmer of hope burned within his heart.

“At the beginning, I thought the three-tailed spirit fox could save her, but it’s just a drop in the bucket and the effect wasn’t great. Now, only one method is left, that is soul-crossing!” Elder Dan Chen said.

“What is that?” Yu Chenglong asked.

“Using your own spirit to cross the spirit of others. The result would be that you either get lethally injured or die on the spot, plus, it may not even save her.” Elder Dan Chen said as he stared at Yu Chenglong.

However, Yu Chenglong did not care.

“Alright, I’ll use that method, I’ll cross her soul.” Yu Chenglong smiled as if a great load had been lifted in his heart.

As long as there’s something to work on… Although Elder Dan Chen said the chance is small, at least it’s not zero.

“You… you… you! You make me boil in anger. Get out of here!”

Elder Dan threw a palm towards Yu Chenglong, throwing him out of the cave. The latter left with joy on his face.

Jiang Chen silently cultivated within the Heavenly Dragon Prison, without a care of his surroundings, entirely focused on getting stronger. The Dragon Transformation Art violently coursed through his body, his strength rising several times without stopping. He was unaffected by the Heavenly Flame around him, unlike normal people who would need to exit the place around a year or so.

Jiang Chen saw a man that was shackled by large iron chains in his dream, his meridians and bones were shattered, and giant iron was smelted into his shoulder bone. Who was he? Jiang Chen did not know because it was too blurry. He could vaguely hear his voice but could not make out the contents. He wasn’t sure if it was just a dream or reality, who was he if it’s reality? And his heart was hurting and he did not know why.

Gu Maolu guarded him for a hundred years, the expenditure of that hundred years had thoroughly emptied Gu Maolu, he even needed to borrow some crystals from his friends so that Jiang Chen could continue staying in the Heavenly Dragon Prison. 20,000 crystals were only enough for him to cultivate for 5 years; 100 years needed 300,000 more crystals. Jiang Chen would’ve been kicked out from the Heavenly Dragon Prison if it wasn’t for Gu Maolu. However, it was detrimental for Jiang Chen if he was disturbed at this moment, all his previous hard work may even vanish.

“Lad, it’s about time for this year’s tribute.”

“Hehe, yeah, for such a small matter, do we even need Big Brother Qin to personally come and collect it?”

“I’ve already let you go last year, there’s no repeating it this year…”

A dozen or so men sarcastically said with an arrogant expression.

“Brother Qin, this is this year’s Heavenly Flame Crystal.” A’Mo Kehan laughed with an unnatural expression. One must bow before authority,

They were suppressed by Qin Feng’s gang for 100 years. Currently, Tan County was getting stronger and it received backing from a senior, plus, Qiling County and Feng Du County did not step up and pay the tribute, allowing Qin Feng on his own.

There were also factions in the Profound Connection Divine Palace, Feng Du County and Qiling County weren’t weak, with their leaders and Feng Yidao there, Qin Feng dared not go too far. The one behind him was powerful and came from Tan County. He supported him and allowed him to act as he wanted amongst the newcomers, as if he’s a king. Wang Cheng and Feng Yidao clashed with him before but lost with a small margin, therefore, they could only submit to him.

Yan Qingcheng gave no concern about all of these, as if she’s not from Lone Dragon County. Meanwhile, Dong Lu and Donghuang Tai’a, who were the strongest amongst those that came from the Lone Dragon County, clashed with Qin Feng before and were defeated. The Lone Dragon County without its leader was thoroughly suppressed and bullied.

“It’s different this year, 50 is not enough, you need to hand over 80 Heavenly Flame Crystals.” Qin Feng said indifferently.

A’Mo Kehan and the other’s expressions changed drastically, their bodies shivered. They were burning in anger, the members of the Lone Dragon County could only glare.

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