Immortal Mortal

Chapter 19: Push Him Out And Kill Him

Chapter 19: Push Him Out And Kill Him

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“Prefecture Duke Han, what’s the Nine Lives Healing Solution?” Situ Qian, the Lord of Cheng Yu State, evidently did come across this type of healing solution before.

This elder was Cheng Yu State’s number one prefecture head Han Chengan. Other than Xing Han Empire’s King, the rest of the nobility was split into nine levels: State Duke, State Lord, State Marquis, State Count, Prefecture Lord, Prefecture Duke, Prefecture Marquis, County Marquis, and Prefecture Count.

Ling Zhu State’s Prefecture Duke seemed to be beneath Yi Fang’s Prefecture Lord, but in reality within Ling Zhu State Hall, the position of Prefecture Duke was definitely higher than the position of Prefecture Lord. A State Lord like Situ Qian would seem to be second to only a State Duke in the Xing Han Empire, but if he were placed Xing Han Empire’s Jin Luan Hall, a State Lord’s position would not necessarily match up to that of a State Count.

The only difference they had with the Dukes, Marquis, and Counts, was that State and Prefecture Lords would have greater honour, their own armies and speaking rights. Outside of the Empire’s Jin Luan Hall, the power their wielded was not something the Dukes and Marquis could compare with.

Han Chengan quickly stood out and replied, “My Lord, a few months back, Dan Han Drug Refinery once advertised a new drug all around Rao Zhou. They developed a new healing drug, called the Nine Lives Healing Solution.”

Situ Qian nodded his head. He had heard of this before, but did not take the matter seriously. In some sense, Dan Han Drug Refinery was making a contribution to Cheng Yu State. Even though the naming of the drug was a little over the top, it was not illegal.

Han Chengan continued, “ The advertisements of the Nine Lives Healing Solution had extravagant claims, saying that as long as the wounded had a single breath left in him, the Nine Lives Healing Solution would be able to save his life. This issue was a hot topic back then, and this resulted in the Nine Lives Healing Solution selling like hotcakes. I even sent some men to buy some of it, but as there were no further inquiries into this issue, I thought that these rumors were false. However, based on what General Feihu said today, the healing effects of such a drug seem to be real.”

“General Feihu, do you think what you and Prefecture Duke Han said are true?” Situ Qian’s eyes turned green with envy.

Being a State Lord, how could his sensitivity to issues be something that Mo Wuji could compare to? He immediately picked up that this sort of healing medicine would be a great weapon of the military. He would have to act to allow Cheng Yu State to gain as many benefits as possible before the Empire reacted. More importantly, he had to put a lockdown on the production method of this drug, as well as lock up the drug refiner responsible for creating it.

“It is the complete truth, this issue was brought up to me truthfully by the Ironwood Branch,” Zhou

Feihu answered with confidence.

“Men, immediately take control of all personnel involved with Dan Han Drug Refinery, and bring me the drug refiner responsible for creating the Nine Lives Healing Solution,” After confirming the truth,Situ Qian gave the command without hesitation.

“Wait for a moment my Lord,” An obese man suddenly walked out, bowed and said.

Situ Qian’s hands paused for a moment, halting the personal guards that were about to execute his orders, and asked while holding back his anger, “Ji Aiqing, what do you have to say at a time

like this?”

The fat man carefully took out a piece of paper scribbled full of words from his pocket, presenting it with a pair of shivering hands, “My Lord, when I went to the imperial court this morning, there was someone spreading this around, claiming that it is the recipe for the Nine Lives Healing Solution. The creator of the Nine Lives Healing Solution, Mo Wuji, specially gave it away in remembrance of his parents and to better this lives of the poor.”

“What?” Situ Qian frantically opened up the piece of paper. Lo and behold, there were many lines of words squeezed on it. Its contents was the method to produce Nine Lives Healing Solution, which was extremely detailed, and even explained the concept behind the drug very clearly. Even he knew where to start for the production of such a thing.

This piece of paper even introduced in depth why the Nine Lives Healing Solution was able to kill bacteria and fight infection, with another name to it, which was penicillin.

“Bang!” Situ Qian slammed his the paper down with his hand, and furiously demanded, “Men,

immediately capture this Mo Wuji and bring him to me. At the same time, investigate how long this recipe has been distributed for, and who it has been distributed to. If you can control them, get those who possess the recipe under control.”

One thing that Situ Qian left out was to kill everyone who had laid eyes on the drug’s recipe, and for those who could not be killed, throw them into the new drug refinery to produce Nine Lives

Healing Solution.

There was absolute silence in the imperial court, and no one dared to make a sound. All those who were not stupid could see that the State Lord’s methods would not work at all.

When did they start their imperial court session? It was when the sky was still dark, and now it was already about to reach lunchtime. With only one morning, it was impossible for them to collect all copies of the Nine Lives Healing Solution Recipe.

As expected, the guards’ leader soon came to report, “Lord, I have an update, that Mo Wuji hired many printing workshops and produced tens of thousands of the drug recipe, and also hired over a hundred people to distribute them at the four city entrances of Rao Zhou. Other than that, he even hired people to leave town to distribute them for free at other important tourist landmarks. At this moment, I'm afraid most people, both outside and within the city, including travelling merchants, have already obtained this drug recipe.”

Situ Qian’s hands lost their strength and drooped down. How many merchants and random people passed through Rao Zhou in a day? Could he capture them all? Even if he could, what use would that be?

Did Rao Zhou not have spies from other countries? A revolutionary drug like the Nine Lives Healing Solution would definitely have been sent back to their respective countries. What’s more, the despicable Mo Wuji even hired people to distribute the recipe outside of Rao Zhou City. Even a deity would not be able to gather all of the copies back.

“My Lord, could it be that this Mo Wuji sensed that something was up, and did this on purpose?” a fair skinned man stood out and spoke.

Situ Qian frowned slightly, this is not impossible. Since he could sense it, why wait until now to spread the recipe for the healing drug?

“It can’t be so, right? If Mo Wuji were really that sensitive, he wouldn’t have waited till to now to do such a thing. He would have done it once the sales of the Nine Lives Healing Solution started to pick up. He might not even have revealed the Nine Lives Healing Solution,” Han Chengan did not really agree with the perspectives of those who just spoke.

State Lord Situ Qian calmed down, and spoke solemnly, “Let’s not control Dan Han Drug Refinery for the time being. What is the background of this Mo Wuji who created the Nine Lives Healing Solution? Our Cheng Ling State’s Drug Refiners also mostly have such a background, right?”

The guards’ leader quickly spoke, “Mo Wuji’s real name is Mo Xinghe, his father was Mo Guangyuan, and his grandfather was Mo Tiancheng.”

“Mo Tiancheng? The Lord of Northern Qin Prefecture?” Situ Qian finally remembered. The name of Mo Tiancheng sounded very familiar to him.

The guards’ leader replied, “Yes it’s him. 20 years ago after Mo Tiancheng arrived in Rao Zhou, he disappeared. Subsequently Mo Guangyuan brought his wife and son to Rao Zhou, and many years ago Mo Guangyuan and his wife passed away, leaving Mo Xinghe. Mo Xinghe eventually went crazy because he was obsessed with becoming the Lord of the Northern Qin Prefecture. A few months back, Mo Xinghe seemed to have some signs of improvement, and even went to the Rao Zhou worker’s union to find work. He changed his name to Mo Wuji and joined Dan Han Drug Refinery, becoming their chief drug refiner, and developed the Nine Lives Healing Solution.”

The guards’ leader spoke of these things with grandeur, and most of the people in the imperial court knew why. After coming to Rao Zhou, there was no lack of gifts from Mo Guangyuan. There were only a few in the imperial court who didn't receive a gift from Mo Guangyuan. As for Mo Guangyuan’s son, Mo Xinghe, going crazy, they had heard of this before. The only thing they did not anticipate, was for Mo Xinghe to do something so groundbreaking after recovering.

Situ Qian did not speak, he knew everything about the family of the Lord of the Northern Qin Prefecture, and also the complexities within. Frankly speaking, he had a hand in making the Mo Family lose the Prefecture Lord position. For the matter of Mo Tiancheng’s grandson going crazy, he had also heard of it. What he did not expect was that this Mo Xinghe was still alive.

At this moment, there was an announcement from outside the court, “Mo Wuji has arrived.”

“No need to bring him in, just push him out and kill him,” Situ Qian coldly ordered.

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