Imperial Phoenix Rules

Chapter 607 - The Mutation of the Mysterious Seed 2

Chapter 607: The Mutation of the Mysterious Seed 2

As long as he obtained this treasure, he would definitely be able to advance to the Spirit Transformation Realm in the future.

In the future, he would be the strongest in the Southern Region. Even if the six old men teamed up, they would not be his match.

In the future, he would be calling the shots and even the six old men could only listen to him obediently!

Qiu Hailing was fed up with the fact that the six elders’ status was higher than his. He wanted to obtain such a treasure to make a comeback.

Qiu Hailing immediately left the cultivation room and turned into a shadow as he headed in the direction of the aura of life.

After more than 10 seconds, the Great Elder and the others also sensed the abnormality.

“Impressive, this aura must be an extraordinary treasure.”

“That’s great! The Silver Moon Spring has just increased production and a unique treasure appeared in the academy tonight. The Heavens are on our Academy Of A Thousand Illusions!”

“Let’s hurry to the scene and subdue the treasure!”

People were in high spirits at happy events, not to mention double happiness.

The six elders were extremely happy and smiled widely.

They turned into six white shadows and headed towards Jun Mohuang’s dormitory.

The other students who were asleep were also woken up by the crazy growth of plants in the courtyard. They walked out of the bedroom and were dumbfounded to see the exquisite garden in front of them turn into a primitive forest.

Many students gathered together and guessed what had happened.

Although these students were not as sharp as Qiu Hailing and the six elders, they were not stupid. Soon, some smart students roughly guessed what had happened.

Excitement appeared in their eyes as they headed in the direction of the life aura.

Of course, Headmaster Qiu Hailing was the fastest. At this moment, he had already entered Jun Mohuang’s dormitory area.

Jun Mohuang was still unaware of all this.

“Bad woman, wake up!”

The Earth Spirit, which was originally in a deep sleep, was woken up by the surging life force. It was frightened and hurriedly crawled out of the Black Iron Bracelet. It spat out a crystalline jade object from its mouth and swallowed this mysterious seed.

The Earth Spirit tugged on Jun Mohuang’s sleeve anxiously.

When the seed entered the Earth Spirit’s mouth, the endless life force was immediately cut off by the pure and thick earth elements and could no longer spread.

It was as if a raging fire had been extinguished by a basin of ice water. Not even a spark was left.

The breath of life kept pouring out and Jun Mohuang suddenly woke up.

“I… What happened just now!”

When she came to her senses, she realized that the memory fragment in her mind only stopped when she dripped half a drop of Silver Moon Spring onto this mysterious seed. The seed quickly absorbed…

She had no idea what happened after that. She only felt more relaxed and comfortable than ever.

“You! Why did you bring out the Wood-Nourishing Lotus seed from the second level of the Lotus Realm? Didn’t I tell you to eat all of it!”

Jun Mohuang looked down and saw the Wood-Nourishing Lotus seed the size of a ping pong ball covered in the Earth Spirit’s saliva on the table. This was giving her a headache.

Qiu Hailing would definitely be indignant that he did not track her last time. He would surely still be using his wood-type tracking skill from time to time.

If she was caught red-handed by him in ambush, she wouldn’t have to wait three months to lose to Su Zhiyun. She would just roll up the curtains and get lost.

“I’ll explain this to you later. You shouldn’t be worried about this now. There’s something more troublesome than the lotus seed. The life force of this seed is too strong. My body can only last for a while. Hurry up and think of a way to seal its aura. Otherwise, it won’t be yours later!”

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