Kar98K Upon Touchdown!

Chapter 773: Silent peaceful night

Chapter 773: Silent peaceful night

It’s like a cat-and-mouse game, a silent competition between the two sides.

I have to say that Gao Yunyang’s consciousness is indeed very good. With his intention to avoid, Liu Zilang and the others really couldn’t keep up with him in a short time.

Unknowingly, the safety zone shrank one by one, and soon it came to the penultimate lap. With the continuous compression of the activity space, Gao Yunyang’s “guerrilla warfare” gradually became somewhat powerless, and he was almost killed by Liu Zilang and the others several times.

Because as soon as the safety zone shrinks, everyone’s gun lines will inevitably overlap, which means that when one person sees Gao Yunyang, others will also see it at the same time.

Do you want to fight or not? Of course, only everyone can fight together.

Although GodV and NB211 wanted to compete with masters like Gao Yunyang, they were not simple enough to see people not fighting in the game of Jedi Survival.

You have to let your teammates and others fight one-on-one.

In this case, the pressure on Gao Yunyang’s body can be imagined.

But even so, he also survived outside of the safe zone, and successfully stole NB211 in a wave of skirmishes.

Then before Liu Zilang and the others reacted, he directly threw a smoke bomb and threw it outside the safe zone. Gao Yunyang couldn’t help it either. Even if this wave of poison hurts, it is better than Liu Zilang’s bullets.

As the so-called power of the two evils is taken lightly, Gao Yunyang can only return to the poison and detour into the circle first.

Seeing this vigorous and decisive scene, the audience in the live broadcast room were also frightened by Gao Yunyang’s bravery!

There was a lot of discussion on the barrage.

“Misty grass! This Sloth is not only brave. . . It’s fierce! ”

“After all, this was the number one breakthrough player in Asia back then, Sloth has always been my idol! ”

“To be honest, if I hadn’t followed Sloth back then, I still wouldn’t know Vic. ”

“It seems that there are many old FPS viewers in the live broadcast room. I only learned about Vic when I watched Sloth’s game. ”

“Haha, although Vic was fierce at that time, I felt that he was a younger brother in the Se7en team. ”

“This wave of NB211’s was also careless. A sniper was slapped on the face by an assault hand. It doesn’t make sense if it’s not cold. ”

“Now that Sloth is on the show, there are still three left, how do I feel that there is a drama! ”

“Sloth cheating! Wait for a single player to destroy the team! ”

“Hey, the four big chicken kings released by Douyou, only one of them will eat chicken dinner. I’m really a little excited when I think about it!”

The audience on the barrage saw that after several twists and turns, Gao Yunyang finally made a breakthrough in Liu Zilang’s four-man team!

For a while, everyone’s imagination couldn’t help but extend one after another, and even faintly saw the hope of a single team.

At the same time, Gao Yunyang also saw hope in the poison*.

Just as Liu Zilang and the three of them searched for his trail, Gao Yunyang, who was full of energy bars, curled up in the poison, and quickly moved forward on a reverse slope next to the poison.

At this time, his blood volume dropped “swish” in the poison, and soon it was less than one-third, and the blood strips even showed an endangered red color.

However, Gao Yunyang was unmoved.

In front of the screen,there was not even the slightest tension on his face.

As a top professional player, Gao Yunyang has his own control over poison injuries and blood volume.

It turns out. There is nothing wrong with his choice.

The edge of the blue circle. Liu Zilang saw Gao Yunyang’s remnant blood jump out of the poison circle, quickly turn back to the front and lay down on the ground.

The next moment, the azure blue circle that was constantly spreading towards the middle suddenly stopped behind him.

An extreme and perfect wave of running poison!

At the moment he got down, Gao Yunyang, who was sitting in front of the computer, pressed the first aid kit slightly.

Then he leaned back slightly and lay very comfortably on the chair.,

You must know that with his level of laziness, he usually just puts down the back of the chair and lies on it when playing games.

When I was playing a game, some commentators even joked that Se7en’s game table should not have five gaming chairs, it should be four gaming chairs and one bed are enough.

And only when you are extremely serious, Gao Yunyang would sit up straight.

For example, just now he was strangled by Liu Zilang and the four of them in the last few laps.

Gao Yunyang not only sat up straight, but his eyes were almost attached to the screen.

However, what he never expected was that it was like the human body induction of a VR game.

Gao Yunyang just leaned back, his character lying on the slope in the game slid down the slope uncontrollably.

If this is put in normal times, it’s slipping.

After all, the magic of the game Jedi Survival. . . Ah no, it is the physics engine that has always been known for being realistic and pragmatic.

It has even been hailed as “the most realistic physics engine in the world” by countless players.

People are afraid of going down on the slope, Isn’t this a problem at all?

However, it is different now. You must know that Gao Yunyang’s wave is stuck by the poison, and almost all of his body is in the poison when he gets down.

At this moment, he suddenly slid down, and the whole person was poisoned except for his head.

Suddenly, Gao Yunyang, who was lying on the chair, couldn’t help being startled. It seemed that someone was holding an electric drill on his ass, and he bounced up abruptly.,

He quickly put on the keyboard with his hands.

However, his blood was too low, and even if he reacted quickly, it was too late.

Just a breath in the blink of an eye,

The little amount of blood he had left was swallowed up by the radiation grid that hit like a tide.

At this moment. . .

Gao Yunyang was completely dumbfounded!

His fingers instantly froze on the keyboard, and his whole body looked as if he had lost his soul, staring at the gray interface on the screen and he was killed outside the safe area!

“Make persistent efforts, I will definitely eat chicken next time! ”

The next moment, Gao Yunyang, who was sitting in front of the computer, suddenly got up, picked up the monitor on the table expressionlessly, and walked towards the trash can next to the bedroom. . .

. . .

At the same time.

The people in the game were extremely vigilant, and Liu Zilang and the three of them were nervous when they saw “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” and the kill prompt at the top right of the screen that suddenly jumped out in front of them.

They and the water friends in the live broadcast room were also stunned!

In the eyes of many water friends, even if Sloth loses in the end, there are no four chicken kings.

At the very least, both sides have to be you and me, fighting in the dark, with no light from the sun and the moon.

But what the hell is this being poisoned to death?

“Meow meow meow? This is not a joke, is it? ”

“Umm.. Did Sloth fall asleep while running away? ”

“According to my analysis, it should be the Py* transaction between Douyou and Tencent. In order to prevent the newly released four chicken kings from being smashed into the field, Sloth was directly kicked offline. ”

“The brother in front really has a reason, it’s really convincing! ”

“. . . ”

Various speculations flew on the barrage of the live broadcast room, and even conspiracy theories about the Py transaction emerged.

Liu Zilang, Wei Shen, and 17shou in the game include NB211 who have been killed.

At this time, I was a little confused in my mind.

In order to listen squarely and satisfy the curiosity like a cat scratching, the four of them turned on the game video playback after playing the game.

Drag the progress bar directly to the end. . .

All of a sudden,

The air in the live broadcast room suddenly solidified!

Everyone stared wide-eyed and fell into suffocating silence. . .

. . . . . .


*Poison – Outside of blue circle

*Py – (I really don’t know what this is.)


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