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Chapter 499: Fei Fei’s birthday banquet Part 2

Chapter 499: Fei Fei’s birthday banquet (Part 2)

A friend of a poor person were poor people and friends of a rich person were rich people. One’s net worth determined the level of acquaintances one had. In the parking lot of the Su Family’s manor today, it was not exaggerated to say that it was the most expensive auto show. A race car that was over a million could be something for a normal rich family’s junior to show off with, but at Su Luo’s level, these people were disinclined to give it another look. The cars that Su Fei Fei casually pointed out, if they appeared at a province’s capital city, it would cause a very large stir and it could have enough influence to reach the headlines. It had to be known, there weren’t many cars that were over a hundred million that could represent one’s status. Most of them were extremely limited editions or special made cars. If a normal person came to the Su Family manor and they could see the cars that were here, their life values and thoughts would be completely changed. People that could be invited here were already at the top of China. The normal rich people and officials didn’t have the qualification to be here at all.

Just these cars alone were not enough to show how much influence Su Luo had over China.

Even if it was Ye Tian Xie, in this moment, there was an endless amount of emotions in his heart. In this moment, he even felt Su Fei Fei being able to act like this to him was an incredible matter. A girl that grew up in this environment, at this kind of level, but was willing to stay by his side……She was even willing to act as his housekeeper, not being proud or willful at all…..How was she able to have this kind of kind heart when growing up in this kind of upper environment.

Perhaps because she was born into an environment that couldn’t be anymore high class, she already had nothing else she wanted…..After being hurt so much, security was more important to her than anything else. For it, even if she became to most normal girl, she would be willing.

“Tian Xie, it’s almost time, we…..should go in. Dad is already waiting for…” When she said “us”, her voice froze for a second because she in her conversations with Su Luo, she never mentioned that Ye Tian Xie would be coming. At this time, her heart was pounding fast and even she didn’t know what she was worried about or expectant of.

The main hall in the center of the Su Family manor was brightly lit and it was magnificently decorated in an indescribable manner. It was decorated in a magnificent manner, but it didn’t make it lose any elegance. The floor was carved from top grade marble and the crystal lights hanging down seemed like they were carved from the stars, as melodious music filled the hall. The beautiful waitresses were wearing sexy dresses, with faint smile that could make one drunk. They were moving around holding wine glasses, moving through people like beautiful butterflies. There were various kinds of beautiful flowers decorating the long table, as well as being covered in exquisite desserts and fruits. Some of the youths kept looking at the waitresses moving back and forth. To be able to come here, their status weren’t small, but even if they were used to acting arrogant, no one dared making a move against these beautiful waitresses. When they were served tea, they politely said thank you.

Su Luo was publicly recognized as someone who couldn’t be offended. Under his gentle outer appearance, his ruthless methods filled people’s hearts with fear.

There were old, middle aged, and youths here. Men were wearing suits, looking very refined, showing off the elegance and nobility of the upper class. All the women were wearing all kinds of gowns, looking very graceful. Whether they knew them or not, they raised their cups to welcome anyone they saw. These men and women all talked and laughed in small voices. Those that were more active moved around talking to everyone, showing off their extraordinary social skills. Only, in this laughter, there was a sense of “falseness” to it. This was a party of the upper class, it became the favourite social game of the powerful and rich.

Su Luo’s face was glowing and his mood wasn’t bad, even personally greeting the guests who came in. This made many people flattered and greeted him back in a panic. Su Luo kept looking out, expectantly waiting for his daughter to arrive. He didn’t go and pick up his daughter nor did he send someone because his daughter had honestly told him that she wanted to come by herself.

When it was time for the banquet, Su Luo kept waiting, having expectation in his heart…..He was hoping that she didn’t come alone and was being accompanied by the person he wanted to see. He was an astute person and interacting with his daughter over this period of time, from her happy voice and laughter, there was a thick happiness that he hadn’t heard in many years…..How could he not know.

As long as his daughter was willing, as long as she was happy, as a father, how could he stop her…..Moreover, that man, that youth that gave him a sense of endless mysteriousness and safety. If it was him, how perfect would that be. In the past, he had vaguely mentioned it to him before…..Only he had been vaguely rejected by him.

In the main hall, there were many people waiting for the main character to arrive. For a long time, there were many people with thoughts toward Su Fei Fei. She had a beautiful and refined appearance, snow white skin that was smooth as jade, beauty that was unparalleled. It was unknown how many rich family’s juniors were stunned for a long time seeing her before. If they could obtain Su Fei Fei, not only would they obtain this beauty, they would also have the unparalleled Su Family business behind her……Su Fei Fei was already twenty years old and at their level, she should have already decided her lifelong partner. Only it’s been said that this young miss Su hadn’t even dated anyone before. Of the youths that came toda, many of them had come to ask Su Luo for her hand in marriage… their all.

“Young miss, you’re back!”

With the Su Family’s housekeeper’s pleasantly surprised and affectionate call, the men and women all looked at the entrance of the hall. When that beautiful and graceful form walked out, their eyes were suddenly filled with light. The hall that was filled with dazzling light suddenly became overshadowed by this beautiful scenery.

Even if she wasn’t today’s main character, she was destined to be the center of attention.

Su Fei Fei had a blooming smile, not caring about the eyes gathered on her at all. She was current wearing a light blue dress with flower and birds embroidered from golden threat. There were various pieces of dazzling sky blue jade all over her and her skirt was embroidered with snow white waves. Her ankles weren’t revealed as the skirt directly covered them. Her eyes were sparklings, looking like crescent moons as her lips shined bright red. The most moving part about her was the faint smile on her lips as well as those eyes that made people feel intoxicated, making people wish they could be lost in her eyes……

Being under the dazzling light, her magnificent dress was so beautiful that it made people choke. Although she only took slight steps, it was like a blue clothed fairy floating over for people, especially with the long and slender white neck she raised, making her seem incomparably noble. It made people feel like they were seeing a princess in an ancient palace.

When she appeared, she was as dazzling as the rising sun. In the depths of everyone’s mind, there was her image deeply imprinted, having her elegant figure occupy their mind completely. Among them, there had been people who had seen Su Fei Fei before, but tonight’s Su Fei Fei was so beautiful they didn’t dare believe it……

Girls pleased others with appearances, a young girl would become more beautiful with a loved one. Because there was Ye Tian Xie beside her, she wore her most beautiful dress, that “Miracle of the Sea” only Ye Tian Xie had seen before. She had also spent a long time with Chen Xin making herself look as beautiful as possible. That smile that released a happiness that came from the bottom of her heart, made her even more beautiful and even more moving.

For a while, the hall that was filled with noise was suddenly silent. Su Fei Fei’s immortal like appearance had made them stunned at the same time and the heart of all the young man began to beat faster and more intensely…..

This kind of appearance, this kind of aura……and this kind of family……

Everything that a girl dreamed of, she had everything.

At this time, their hearts all shouted at the same time…..They had to obtain her!

Wait a minute…..Who was the man beside her?

Their eyes were focused on Su Fei Fei, so it was impossible to avoid Ye Tian Xie who had walked in with her.

Being focused on by all these famous people, if it was a normal person, no matter how firm their mind was, they would feel uncomfortable. But who was Ye Tian Xie? The gaming world’s Tian Mo Xie and Xie Tian, who was focused on by thousands, ten thousands, hundred thousands, or even millions of people at the same time. This kind of lineup didn’t affect him at all.

However, although those eyes didn’t affect him at all, the clothes he was wearing made him want to throw it off several times. Today’s Ye Tian Xie, under Su Fei Fei’s persuasion was wearing a fitted suit. A simple white dress shirt, a dark suit, and dark leather shoes…..For him who wore slippers when he went out, the leather shoes made his entire body feel uncomfortable. Speaking of this, this was his first time wearing a suit in his entire life.

That chiseled face, that tall stature, those two curved brows that seemed painted, and that faint smile on his face. Faced with the looks of all these people, his expression didn’t change at all. There weren’t fools here, this man’s uncommon aura set his uncommon status. He could come in together with Su Fei Fei today, walking side by side, could it be……

Suddenly, everyone began to guess what was Ye Tian Xie’s status.

“Fei Fei, did you think of home?” Su Luo looked at his daughter with a faint smile. After not meeting for several months, the current smile on her face and slight nervousness she had was something he had never seen before. She also secretly looked at Ye Tian Xie, making it clear to him and making him give a sigh. He knew that his daughter had completely fallen in love with the person beside her, otherwise she wouldn’t reveal this kind of expression or smile. Only, in his heart, he was also feeling nervous. He understood Su Fei Fei’s personality……Since she was already deeply in love, what about Ye Tian Xie beside her? If he rejected her, it would be a heavy hit that she wouldn’t be able to take. After all, when he agreed to protect his daughter, he never forgot his rejection back then.

“Of course not.” Su Fei Fei gave a mischievous smile like a little girl ,”But I missed dad.”

Su Luo broke out in laughter, one that was filled with joy. After this, he turned his eyes onto Ye Tian Xie and said with a faint smile, “I’m very happy that you can come.”

“It’s what I should do.” Ye Tian Xie immediately replied. This sentence could be understood as fulfilling the agreement to protect Su Fei Fei from before…..A job similar to that of a bodyguard could be another explanation.

Su Luo gave a calm smile and said nothing else. Su Fei Fei had arrived, so tonight’s banquet could begin. He was expectant of this being different from it was in the past.

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