Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 3119 - 193 – Abyssal Power

Chapter 193 – Abyssal Power

As soon as Solitary Soul finished speaking, he instantly split into several dozen illusions of himself, each giving off a similar presence as his original body. Then, every one of these doppelgangers appeared around Shi Feng in the blink of an eye and attacked him simultaneously.

Spatial Mirage! Hidden Soul frowned when she saw Solitary Soul’s doppelgangers filling the stage.

Spatial Mirage was a Tier 4 Taboo Skill that allowed the user to split into several dozen copies of themselves. However, the user could reduce the number of doppelgangers they summoned if they could not control all of them. Meanwhile, not only were the doppelgangers real entities, but they also had the exact same Basic Attributes as the user. In addition, so long as even one doppelganger remained alive during the Skill’s one-minute duration, the original body would not die.

Because of Spatial Mirage’s effects, it was labeled as the strongest single-target Skill out of all Tier 4 Skills available to Assassins. After all, not only did the Skill allow its user to rain their opponent with a large number of attacks, but it also allowed the user to stay near-invincible for one minute.


Shi Feng stopped holding back when he saw Solitary Soul’s doppelgangers attacking him from all directions. Immediately, he activated World of Frost, the Winter of Eternal Night’s second Active Skill.

If he wanted to go against a Tier 4 Taboo Skill in his current state, his only option was to use a Tier 4 Skill or Spell. He’d only be seeking an early death if he used a Tier 3 Skill or Spell. This was because there was a great disparity in the Mana Tier 3 and Tier 4 Skills could access.

In God’s Domain, a clash between Skills would often be decided by the Mana each side held. It wouldn’t matter even if a Skill’s effect was superior. It would most likely lose if it went up against a Skill that had carried significantly more Mana. Hence, it was impossible for low-tier Skills to go up against high-tier Skills.

The current Winter of Eternal Night might not be at its peak, but its Additional Skills were already at the Tier 4 standard. In a certain sense, its Skills were even stronger than the average Tier 4 Skill and Spell.

Immediately, nine frost swords appeared around Shi Feng, each frost sword carrying 120% of his Strength. Then, Shi Feng executed Sword’s Orbit once more against Solitary Soul’s doppelgangers.

Unlike before, Shi Feng was executing Sword’s Orbit with nine weapons this time. Hence, the galaxy of stars that formed around him created a much tighter defensive network than before. Moreover, every one of the stars that surrounded him exerted destructive power at the Tier 4 Peak standard.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

The clash between swords and daggers taking place right now was many times more intense than before. For a time, the stage looked like it was hosting a fight between two 1,000-man teams rather than a duel between two players, the scene flabbergasting the spectating audience.

“They’re so strong!”

“So, this is a Vice City Lord-level fight?”

“Even though I’m a Temple Knight already, why do I get the feeling that I won’t last more than a move against them?”

When Slumber City’s many experts saw the clash between Shi Feng and Solitary Soul, they felt their worldview shattering. No matter how they looked at it, there was no way they could interfere in such a high-level fight. In fact, if it weren’t for the barrier isolating the stage from the rest of the arena, they doubted that they could even spectate the fight from such a close distance. Any stray attack that struck them could probably kill them instantly.

The might of Legendary Equipment is truly extraordinary! Wolf Emperor inwardly exclaimed, his blood boiling in excitement. At the same time, he also mentally assessed how long he could last against Shi Feng and Solitary Soul in a fight.

In the meantime, on the stage, Solitary Soul had clearly gained the upper hand after activating Spatial Mirage. He had an overwhelming advantage in both numbers and raw power. Although Shi Feng’s defense was nigh impeccable, his nine frost swords creating a barrier that neutralized the attacks of Solitary Soul’s doppelgangers, it was inevitable for cracks to appear after defending against such a large number of attacks over such a long period of time.

Sure enough, Shi Feng eventually started to let one or two doppelgangers slip past his defensive network from time to time. Although he had promptly rectified these mistakes by deflecting the doppelgangers’ attacks with his sword, Solitary Soul’s doppelgangers wielded Strength rivaling Level 120 Superior Mythics. Even after he redirected a portion of their attacks’ power, he still suffered over 10,000 damage per hit.

Currently, Shi Feng’s HP was at an extraordinary 1.27 million, thanks to his Tier 4 Basic Attributes. That was more than double what the average Tier 3 MT had. However, a loss of 10,000 HP per attack was not something he could afford to shrug off due to Solitary Soul’s extremely high attack frequency.

After roughly fifty seconds had passed since Solitary Soul activated Spatial Mirage, Shi Feng had already lost two-thirds of his HP. In comparison, Solitary Soul’s losses were much smaller. Although Solitary Soul had lost a few dozen doppelgangers due to his fearless attack method, he still retained over twenty doppelgangers. Meanwhile, so long as even one of his doppelgangers lived, his main body would not die.

“You really are a tough bastard to survive for so long,” Solitary Soul said, scoffing when he saw that he only had a short time left before Spatial Mirage’s effect ran out. “But everything is over now!”

Tier 4 Legacy Berserk Skill, Shadow Possession!

The strength of Solitary Soul’s aura skyrocketed once more, reaching a point where many of the spectating Tier 3 players found themselves having difficulty breathing.

Is this his true strength?

Wolf Emperor’s expression grew serious when he saw this sudden turn of events. Based on his perception, Solitary Soul gave off the same presence as the Superior Mythic Bosses he had encountered in the past. If Solitary Soul combined the raw power of a Superior Mythic monster with combat techniques, he could unleash devastating destruction.

Subsequently, Solitary Soul’s remaining doppelgangers attacked Shi Feng from multiple directions, their speed so fast that many of the Tier 3 experts present couldn’t even keep up with them.

“Over? Do you honestly think you’re the only one with a Berserk Skill?”

When Shi Feng saw Solitary Soul’s doppelgangers coming at him again, he promptly activated the Berserk Skill that came with the Abyssal Eye.

Abyssal Power!

This would also be the first time Shi Feng used this Skill after obtaining the Abyssal Eye. Immediately, the Berserk Skill increased his Defense by 100%, Strength by 150%, Agility by 60%, Physique by 50%, and Endurance by 100%.


At this moment, black fog surrounded Shi Feng, and his eyes turned pitch-black completely, the transformation making him look like the incarnation of darkness. The flow of time around him also started to slow down. As for the nine frost swords, they disintegrated due to their inability to coexist with the power of the Abyss.

However, Shi Feng didn’t feel surprised by this and held the Winter of Eternal Night horizontally.

In God’s Domain, Berserk Skills could not coexist with many Skills. Normally, when players used a Berserk Skill in a duel with another player, it meant that they were ready to end the fight by either killing their opponent or getting killed.

In a situation where Solitary Soul had an overwhelming advantage in Basic Attributes, Shi Feng decided it was best if he didn’t withhold his Berserk Skill.


Immediately, Shi Feng executed a horizontal slash against the doppelgangers coming at him from all directions.

Second Sword, Holy Devour!

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