The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss

Chapter 2438: Advancement (7)

Chapter 2438: Advancement (7)

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Su Luo glanced at Fairy Wuyou, “…”

Finding an excuse to incriminate someone was not 1. Fairy Wuyou finally used her wits to think of such an accusation to ostracize her.

To give credit to Fairy Wuyou, her words were very effective.

People were already madly jealous of Su Luo. After Fairy Wuyou’s provocation, everyone instantly glared at Su Luo

as if she was the greatest sinner for not sharing her secret method!

Su Luo scoffed.

She turned to Fairy Wuyou with an unreadable smile, “Well then, even if I do have the non-existent special method, why would I share it? Please try to ask yourself the question. If you found a method of quick advancement, would you be willing to share it with everyone?”

Su Luo scanned the crowd and stopped at Fairy Wuyou’s face. She raised her thin eyebrows pointedly, “Our selfless Fairy Wuyou, would you be so kind to share your special method with the world if you have one? Would you?”

Fairy Wuyou was tongue-tied by the question.

She moved her lips. No words came out of her.

She wanted to say she would, but she knew the truth. No one would be so foolish as to share it with the public instead of hiding it for themselves.

Fairy Wuyou’s face twisted under many eyes.

There was utter silence all around.

Just at this moment…

The Purgatory Tower of Trials broke out in powerful peals.


The sound of the drum carried a sense of a great distance, resounding far and wide.

The trial had officially begun.

Basically, everyone knew the instructions of the trial. Su Luo herself had been lectured in detail by Li Manman many times.

The Tower of Trials had six levels.

Inside, every move was traced and analyzed by the system. Through an individual’s performance, the system would accurately calculate their score and establish the ranking. One could not rank first solely based on power.

“Ddang --”

The giant clock on the top of the tower signaled distantly, and the scarlet gate slowly opened.


The crowd flooded through the gate of the Tower of Trials!

The mass of experienced people jammed themselves inside like sardines.

Su Luo and the squad were blocked at the back.

Li Manman was anxious, jumping up and down, and hurrying those in front of them non-stop, “Hurry up! Hurry up and go inside!”

Various voices objected, “The front is blocked. We can’t get over either!”

Su Luo looked at the pathway that seemed to be intentionally barricaded. She squinted.

“Was it like this before?” Su Luo asked Li Manman.

“Not at all. I’ve gone to the trial several times, and it was always clear before. Who would’ve guessed it would get blocked completely this time?” Li Manman couldn’t stay still because of her nerves.

Su Luo knew who at heart. The person who wanted to stop her from completing the mission was Fairy Wuyou.

Perhaps, Fairy Wuyou had not paid much attention to her before, but after seeing her advance to five-star Saint Rank, Fairy Wuyou let her jealousy take over.

After about five minutes, the pathway was clear again.

Everyone rushed inside.

Su Luo, Li Manman, and the others were pushed to the very back.

Li Manman was panicking, but Su Luo kept her cool.

The first level.

It was a desert world.

A light smoke blanketed the surface of the yellow sands. The heat was strong enough to make the body feel like it was burning.

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