The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss

Chapter 2450: Split (2)

Chapter 2450: Split (2)

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Thus, the others rushed to copy what they were doing.

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh——”

The experts ranked 50 to 60 were all exceptionally skilled. Their bodies turned into streaks of light as they shot into the tunnel.

“Let's go up as well!” Su Luo pulled Li Manman and was about to take off.

However, before Su Luo could move her body, another few streaks of white light whooshed by, and six people flew up one after the other.

“Ah!” someone screamed out loudly, giving a woeful cry of pain.

He wailed endlessly as his body was enveloped by the yellow fog. He felt pain as if his body was being ripped apart.

Although dying in the Tower of Trials wasn't a real death, pain was simulated to a 100% likeness of the real thing.

Several more cries belonging to other people rang out in succession.

Out of the six people that had just flown up, only two of them escaped death. The remaining four were enveloped by the yellow fog.

Confident in her ability to successfully bring Li Manman out, Su Luo took advantage of this gap and quickly flew up.

Nevertheless, mankind's schemes were ultimately inferior to those made by the heavens.

At that very instant, five people flew up alongside her.

However, their aim wasn't the tunnel entrance but Su Luo herself!

Their objective was to knock Su Luo down!

If Su Luo failed this trial, she would be kicked out of Upstream Mountain! Thus, failing wasn’t an option for her.

At that decisive moment, Li Manman pushed Su Luo towards the tunnel. Simultaneously, Luo Qing and the others also shot upwards, rushing towards the rest of the people.

Luo Qing and the others latched onto their opponents’ legs, quickly pulling them downwards.

“Clank clank.”

In the end, this kind of suicidal method still proved effective.

They each hung onto one enemy and rolled towards the ground.

But this ground…

It had to be known that directly below the tunnel was the Giant Golden Dragon’s head.

So Luo Qing, Li Manman, and the others all fell onto the top of the Giant Golden Dragon’s head.

The Giant Golden Dragon was originally sleeping soundly. With its thundering snores, the dragon wouldn’t wake up no matter how noisy it got. However, after being smacked a few times like this, the snoring immediately stopped.

The entire place instantly became like a vacuum! Not a single sound escaped. The Giant Golden Dragon opened its huge eyes and swept its gaze across these tiny little ants.

“You mere humans dare disturb my slumber!” The Giant Golden Dragon was furious!

A long stream of dragon breath spewed out towards the front.

From an observer's perspective, the dragon's mouth seemed to balloon with water before spewing it out from left to right in the shape of a folding fan.

However, what the Giant Golden Dragon spewed out was dragon breath—a surge of flames!

In a moment, the group of people standing far away was instantly engulfed by the sea of fire. Each person tried to protect their heads while rolling around in the sea of fire and wailing out in pain. Their screams rang out incessantly.

Something worth mentioning was that the Giant Golden Dragon stood up to spew fire.

This meant that when it stood up, Li Manman and the others who had fallen onto its head, were now… surprisingly pushed upwards, reaching the exit everyone was fighting to get to!

Li Manman: “………”

Luo Qing: “……”

His teammates: “………”

They all stared at each other as joy flashed in their eyes.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh. The few of them rushed upwards.

Those people who had been blocking Su Luo saw the opportunity and also quickly charged upwards!

As for those people on the ground, they were all currently suffering from the Giant Golden Dragon’s ‘morning breath’. Each and every one of them was burnt to a crisp until only a streak of white light remained, which then quickly vanished from the spot.

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