The Lord's Empire

Chapter 1048 - Emperor’s Path

Now, Zhao Fu felt as if the Clear Sable Sword had become part of his body, and there was an intimate connection between them. His control over the Clear Sable Sword had also become much stronger.

The terrifying and berserk killing intent was now controllable. It was not Zhao Fu directly controlling it but him controlling it through the Clear Sable Sword. Otherwise, with Zhao Fu’s current strength, he would have been taken over by the killing intent.

Zhao Fu rested here for half a month, recovering from all of his wounds before heading into the depths of the Killing Sword World.

Shing, shing, shing…

Zhao Fu raised the Clear Sable Sword, causing an enormous killing intent to explode out. A blood-red flame appeared around the blade as sword souls holding swords appeared around him. There were over 1,000 of them, and they surrounded him like stars around the moon.

In front of him, there was also over 1,000 sword souls, and they gave off cold killing intents as they rushed over with massive sounds. Together, they looked like a massive sword filled with killing intent.


Zhao Fu’s sword descended, causing the sword souls around him to flood forwards towards the incoming sword souls.

Shing, shing, shing…

A few sword hums sounded out, leaving behind only illusory swords in the air. Zhao Fu’s sword souls were incredibly ferocious, swarming forwards and killing ordinary sword souls in a single strike.

Zhao Fu casually waved the Clear Sable Sword, causing it to give off a might that was the combination of its King’s aura and killing intent. Under that terrifying might, the thousand sword souls mournfully cried before flying towards the Clear Sable Sword.


The thousand sword souls fused into the Clear Sable Sword, and it had now fused over 10,000 sword souls. It gave off an even more horrifying aura, and the air seemed to explode as Zhao Fu’s hand, which was gripping the Clear Sable Sword, was also shaken off.

The Clear Sable Sword hung in the air, giving off a powerful aura and sending out wild gales. Space seemed to twist around it, and a large crater caved in beneath it.

Shing, shing, shing…

The sounds of ten thousand swords could be heard, and the sounds rippled out like a corporeal shockwave, destroying everything in the surrounding 10,000 meters. This affected the entire region, and even Zhao Fu was forced backwards.

The countless traces of bloody qi madly gathered and condensed into blood-red crystals around the Clear Sable Sword. They gave off faint red lights and looked devilishly beautiful.

“Zhao Fu, hurry and start the third refining and accept the Clear Sable Sword’s heart sword. Otherwise, it will completely leave your control, and its heart sword will give you backlash,” the golden dragon quickly said.

Zhao Fu did not hesitate as he stretched out his hand towards the Clear Sable Sword and started to take control of it again. Luckily with his heart sword and the two refinings, Zhao Fu was able to quickly take control of it again.

Following this, Zhao Fu looked quite pained as he started to split off a bit of his own soul. The third refining was a soul refining, using Zhao Fu’s soul to refine the Clear Sable Sword.

A black and gold mote of light as big as a mung bean flew out from between Zhao Fu’s eyebrows and floated into the Clear Sable Sword. Zhao Fu closed his eyes and calmed down his mind, accepting the heart sword, which was that eye in Zhao Fu’s heart, and fused it into his soul.

Boom! Boom!

Two explosions sounded out as two terrifying auras burst forth. The Clear Sable Sword gave off an incredibly domineering Emperor’s aura, and Zhao Fu gave off a terrifying sword intent. The Clear Sable Sword had truly transformed from a sword of kindness into a sword of killing.

Because Zhao Fu did not cultivate the way of the sword and merely liked using swords, he did not have much talent in the way of the sword. Compared to Great Qin’s number one swordsman Ge Nia, Zhao Fu was incredibly lacking. However, he had now obtained killing sword intent.

Sword intent was something that only high-grade cultivators could comprehend, and even Ge Nia had not comprehended it. And yet, Zhao Fu had obtained it first.

However, this sword intent was not something Zhao Fu had comprehended and gained himself; rather, it had been given by the Clear Sable Sword. Moreover, it was a sword intent within his soul, which was extremely powerful.

The Clear Sable Sword now felt like it was a clone of him. After all, Zhao Fu had fused his blood, flesh, and soul all into it, and he had also fused with the Clear Sable Sword’s heart eye. It could be said that there was now great affinity between them.

Out of all of Zhao Fu’s swords, the Clear Sable Sword was definitely the one that was the closest with him. No other sword could compare.

After resting for a while, Zhao Fu cautiously proceeded to his final destination.

Within the dense bloody mist, sword hums continuously sounded out. Countless sword souls flooded over, giving off shocking sounds. The sword aura they gave off was incredibly ferocious as if nothing could withstand it. There were far more sword souls here, and they were much stronger than outside.

However, Zhao Fu held the Clear Sable Sword and did not fear those sword souls or that killing sword intent at all.

Facing the countless sword souls, Zhao Fu smirked as he sent his power into the Clear Sable Sword. Countless traces of blood-red qi gathered to form blood crystals, and Zhao Fu stabbed the sword into the ground.


A massive explosion sounded out as enormous amounts of sword qi burst forth from below the ground. That terrifying power instantly spread out, annihilating everything in the surrounding ten kilometers.

After everything was settled, a ten kilometer wide crater appeared in the ground, with countless illusory swords floating above it. Zhao Fu smiled as he waved the Clear Sable Sword, causing the countless illusory swords to fly over and fuse into it.

Finally, Zhao Fu entered the depths of the Killing Sword World. This place was 100 kilometers wide, the ground was covered with blood crystals, and there were massive crystals floating in the surroundings. Sword light fell from the sky, creating a fantastical scene.

Zhao Fu carefully stepped in, but an enormous wave of killing intent flowed into his mind. Zhao Fu’s eyes once again became blood-red colored, and drops of blood flowed out from his eyes.

Zhao Fu did not hesitate and immediately used the Clear Sable Sword. A blood-red colored sword qi barrier expanded out of the Clear Sable Sword, surrounding Zhao Fu’s body. The killing intent gradually retreated, and Zhao Fu let out a breath before continuing onwards.

A blood crystal mountain appeared before him, and it was over 10,000 meters tall. It gave off a massive, cold aura, and what Zhao Fu noticed was that there was a black and blood-red shard at the top.

This shard was most likely the shard of a sword, and it was only two fingers wide. It was filled with cracks, most likely due to the passage of time, and it looked quite ancient. It did not give off a powerful aura and simply lay there on top of the mountain.

The golden dragon replied excitedly, “That’s a Killing Sword World Shard, which is the core of this space. However, its spirituality has been killed by those Celestials, and because a lot of time has passed, it has grown much weaker. Perhaps you will be able to use it.”

Hearing the golden dragon’s words, Zhao Fu felt quite happy because this was something that had been destroyed by Celestials. Even though it had become much weaker, if Great Qin could use it, it would benefit Great Qin greatly. Just thinking about it made Zhao Fu feel excited.

However, just as Zhao Fu wanted to go and retrieve it, he found that under the mountain, there were four blood crystals coffins that were each two meters long. There were four corpses within them. They were all male, had handsome appearances, and held blood-red swords.

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