The Schoolgirl Secret Agent

Chapter 970 - Calling Them Swines

Chapter 970: Calling Them Swines

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“Cheap woman, did you mean you?”

Yun Jian’s nonchalant words rang just when Hua Yun confidently thought that no one there would dare retort her.

Hua Yun had always assumed those who were present as losers. That was why she rushed back with her rich husband, Hu Chaoqun, to have a good laugh at Ge Junjian, more so when she saw the woman who was going to marry him was someone so meek and powerless. She nearly laughed out loud with ridicules running through her mind.

In spite of it, she had never thought that Yun Jian would pop out of the blue when she verbally scorned Qin Yirou in an attempt to emphasize her affluence. Hua Yun was stunned when Yun Jian retorted.

Once she recomposed herself, she questioned Yun Jian with a frown and an even more snobby tone, “And what are you?”

Maintaining her arrogance, Hua Yun scoffed, “The product of a low-life is another low-life…”

Ge Xuan could hardly take Hua Yun’s mockery and cut her off. “Mom, Aunt Qin and Xiao Jian aren’t low-lives! They’re—”

He was just going to defend them but Hua Yun took away his turn to speak abruptly. “Ge Xuan, whose son are you? Whose side are you on?”

Hua Yun looked at Ge Xuan in disbelief. It was only now that she was reminded that Ge Xuan was her son.

“I’m dad’s son,” Ge Xuan finally answered with a frown after a two-second silence.

He realized that it did not seem as difficult as he had imagined to say what he had said. His words implied that he was subconsciously siding with Qin Yirou.

“So they’re my family now! At least they genuinely care about me!” As if feeling that his point did not hit home, Ge Xuan suddenly shouted at Hua Yun with thick disappointment lacing his tone.

Hua Yun was stunned, not expecting Ge Xuan to actually help Qin Yirou and berate her.

Nevertheless, if Hua Yun had any remorse left in her, she would not have done what she did back then, so she held Hu Chaoqun’s hand tighter after the initial silence.

“Hah, I really gave birth to an ungrateful brat! Sickening!” Hua Yun scoffed and said.

Keeping her arm hooked with Hu Chaoqun, she twirled in exaggerated grandeur with a sway of hips and turned her back to Qin Yirou, Yun Jian and others.

As she was about to make her way out, Hua Yun suddenly turned to speak with only her side profile visible, “Remember to tell Ge Junjian that I’ll attend his wedding, ohoho! I’d love to see what sort of wedding you guys could manage.”

She even rolled her eyes as she said that.

Standing next to Hua Yun with an arm wrapped around her waist, Hu Chaoqun, who was short, fat and bald, gave the woman’s thin waist a pinch and cackled, “Babe, based on their measly socioeconomic status, it’d be nice if they could manage a wedding 0.1% like ours back then.”

What Hu Chaoqun said was responded with equal sarcasm from Hua Yun.

“Thank you for your wishes. We have standards in this house, we don’t welcome swines. Please bring along some sanitizer next time. I’m a clean freak… I detest filth.”

Yun Jian wore a small smile when she retorted flatly looking at Hua Yun and Hu Chaoqun who were about to step out of the villa’s door with cold eyes.

The couple was taken aback before they swiftly recovered. Did she just call them swines?

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